Tablecloth ecru, embroidered, stain-resistant, model Merezka

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Tablecloth, embroidered, ecru, stain-resistant, model Merezka

This pretty tablecloth is embroidered with beautiful flower and leaf pattern. The colour is dark ecru, almost yellow.Made of high quality 100% PE material which stays in a good condition for a long time. The tablecloth has undergone a stain-resistance treatment and can be used for a long time.

The light yellow, ecru colour gives a warm, home feeling to the table setting. The light shadow of the colour matches to almost all table settings and is a perfect base for dinner. It suits both daily meetings and family celebrations.

This model has an embroidered pattern on the sides and in the middle .The design makes the table look more festive.This tablecloth is available in both oval and rectangle shape. Also in white colour.

Made of PE/polyester  material of the highest quality. Made only from European textiles to guarantee the best quality of  the product.

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