Tablecloth light green, stain resistant, double sided use, Model Dorota


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Tablecloth light green, stain resistant, double sided use, model Dorota

What makes this tablecloth exceptional is its lively, bright and one of the kind colour. Natural green with a tint of sunlight will add a merry element to the look of the interior. The one-colour fabric gives a quiet and relaxed look to your table setting. If you are looking for something different to white we can certainly reccommend this model. Available in a wide variety of modern colours there is always something to suit your taste. A possibility of using the tablecloth on both sides is very practical and can many times come in handy.

This fantastic model tablelinnen is made of a mix of materials, 60 % PE and 40 % cotton, also it is has undergone a stain resistant treatment so that you can enjoy this product for a long time.

Even though it is made of a mix of materials the weave is such that it looks like it is linen.

This model is available in a wide variety of colours, and on request we can produce oval and round.

Please click here for washing instructions.   This table cloth contains colour, we recommend you to wash it seperately.