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A tablecloth is not just a piece of cloth, it sets the whole theme of your table setting. This is why chosing a good tablecloth is not a light decision which is easily made. After all a good quality tablecloth will last you many years.

With 30 years of experience in international trade we have decided to expand our business. Because the products of Tafel-Deco do not fit with the products from our other shop we have decided to make a new website. This is why Tafel-Deco.nl is property of Ervopro BV company.

We have always been convinced that quality wins in the end, however this does not mean that we are expensive. We supply top quality at reasonable and very affordable prices, with an excellent service. We have a large assortment in stock, and the other products are in stock at the factory. This means we can deliver a full range quickly and efficiently.

Our assortment is extended and we supply tablelinnen for many types of customers and tastes. We keep to our main rule that it should always be good quality, so we do not supply plastic or other cheap materials but linen , PE , cotton or mixed materials. On our site you can read about the quality of the modern PE material which is a top product and no longer what is used to be in the past.

In our assortment you will find , as example, model Maria , in both black and grey or with the appropriate napkin. This is one of the most popular items , a simple but elegant tablecloth.

For a classical appearance, and also a very polular tablecloth, Helena is a good example, available in rectangle or oval , or in a darker shade of grey known as Zofia , also in rectangle and oval.

A table cloth with a modern appearance is Irys , a white tablecloth with diagonal silver lines in the corners.

Tablelinen is expected to last a long time, this is why most of our tablelinen has had a stain resistant treatment. This keeps them beautiful and cleaner for a longer time. Liquids do not go into the material but stay on top as drops which can be rolled of.

Besides tablecloths and napkins we also have tablerunners and small tablecloths for side tables.

Tableruners are narrow and relatively long tablecloths compared to their width. People use them in many ways either as decoration or as placemats. We have several types such as Adela , Jaquard ,or Retro.

A small table cloth is used for side tables or just to have a small tablecloth underneath a vase on a big table without covering the whole table. It can also be used on top of a big tablecloth to decorate the middle part. We have several models and types like Helena , Retro or Amelia.

Of course we also have tablecloths for different seasons, like our autumn hunter collection , in tablecloth , mini tablecloth , napkin and tablerunner. For spring we have an appleblossom design.

For Christmas we also have a special collection, including the simple but elegant Stella napkins , or the beautiful Multi coloured Bethlehem collection of tablecloth , small tablecloth and napkins.

In short, for quality, wide assortment, choice and best service, we are your preferred supplier.


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